The fighter's pancakes

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Pancakes... Oh how I love this word. It rhymes with maple syrup... Well, not really, but I really love the sound of them together.
Even if I can't have them anymore, because of the gluten thing (article in french). You could argue that there are gluten free flours now. I agree, but they are all refined and I can't have any refined flour. So I get to play around with naturally gluten free flours with no additives or preservatives. And sugar is completely excluded, not even for a little treat. And maple syrup without sugar is like cough syrup and who would like that?
You probably wonder why it's more restrictive now. Because I've been fighting a candidiasis for a year and we've only ascertained that it was a candidiasis about six months ago, so I've had to adapt my diet since (if you want to know more about the candida, here are some information in english)

As you can guess, it's no walk in the park. Almost everything contains sugar, gluten, and let's not talk about lactose! So I've been trying and testing for the past year, trial and error, sometimes disasters and new discoveries. Speaking of which, I discovered a new way of feeding myself and my family with nutritious food full of flavor. And that's what I want to share with you today: my fighter's pancakes!
The flour I used is a special candida-safe flour recipe I found in "The candida free cookbook" published by Shasta Press, which I already used to make waffles and pie crusts.

Candida-free pancakes topped with agave syrup and blueberries

Ingredients for 6 pancakes

Recipe for the candida-safe flour:

125g of flaxseed meal
65g almond flour
65g hazelnut flour
20g whole flaxseeds

20g sesame seeds
2 teaspoons of baking soda
1 pinch of sat

To make the pancakes add:

teaspoon of ground cinnamon
teaspoon of baking soda
80ml milk of your choice (I used coconut milk)
3 eggs
teaspoon of vanilla extract

Oil for the pan


Combine all the dry ingredients together and stir until you break most of the bigger lumps.
Add eggs and vanilla and slowly add milk until combined. You should get a thick and souple dough.
Heat a nonstick pan and lightly oil it. Cook pancakes for about 2 minutes over medium heat until bubbles form. Reduce heat and turn the pancakes. Cook for a mother 2 to 3 minutes or until done.

Enjoy your warm pancakes with maple syrup (for those who can) or with agave syrup or lightly covered in powdered stevia.

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Bon appétit!

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